From the recording Open Road

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This song was written the night before we went in the studio to record. We had some extra time and I asked the band if they were interested in learning a new song. They did, we recorded it after playing through it only once. I love this song :)


Fly away home little bird
Into the unknown open sky
Don't look back, just remember the laughter
and I will see you after the dust has settled on the ground
and you have found your freedom
Just relax, bask in the sunlight
Everything is alright, everything is alright, everything is alright

Here's your chance to leave behind the face you wore for everyone else
Nothing to prove nothing to lose so live like you want to
Live for your own truth
and if you ever need a friend, you can always call on me
I'll wish you luck, I'll send you love so go be free
and live like you want to
Live for your own truth