vocalist/pianist/writer/producer/multidisciplinary artist

A creative powerhouse, Heather Thornton has been performing music in Kansas City for the last two decades.
She just released her latest original album “Working for a Living – Ain’t What it Used to Be”,
and continues to cross genres with new projects.
Heather Thornton - Working for a LivingHeather Thornton - ObviousHeather Thornton - Open RoadHeather Thornton - Merry Christmas to Me!


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A Good Cause

Throughout her entire musical career Heather has always been drawn to charitable work. She has performed for dozens of different charities and spearheaded an annual event for Lakeside Nature Center called Cash 4 Critters. Held every March, Heather gathers her musician and artist friends together for a family friendly, all afternoon concert featuring several bands, artwork, and activities. Lakeside Nature Center is responsible for rehabilitating over 3500 animals native to Missouri every year and Heather loves donating her time to this incredible community facility. Find out more about Cash 4 Critters and other charitable events HERE.

New Music in 2017!

Heather's new original song "Sweet Kansas City" has been winning over audience members at every performance. She plans to release the first recorded version Spring 2017.

LISTEN to tracks from her new album "Working for a Living"

Music for Senior Citizens

Heather has been making music for senior citizens for the last two decades. She is very passionate about bringing music into Assisted Living and Senior Care facilities because it brings so much joy to everyone involved. She has worked closely with seniors suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's to help them connect to their memories through music. The response is always rewarding. Find out more about Heather's work with Senior Citizens HERE.