Booking Heather Thornton

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Heather is available for booking as a solo artist, a duo, a trio, or with larger groups of musicians depending on the needs of the event. The set lists vary a little bit depending on which ensemble is playing.

Solo – Heather sings and accompanies herself on piano playing both original music and covers.

Duo - In addition to her vocals and piano, she will often add saxophone, percussion, guitar, or bass to perform as a duo. (pictured below with drummer, Bree Plaster)

Trio This combo generally features piano/vocals, bass, and drums, but can also be performed as a more acoustic act with piano/vocals, acoustic guitar, and hand drums. (pictured below with drummer, Bree Plaster and multi-instrumentalist Victor Penniman)

Band – When the occasion calls for it, Heather will assemble a 4 to 6 piece band with piano/vocals, bass, guitar, drums, and saxophone.


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Heather has several favorite musicians she loves to work with!

Bree Plaster - Drummer
Bree Plaster - The Heather Thornton Band

Jeramy Johnston - Bass & Guitar

Brian Ruskin - Guitar

Michael O'Shiver - Harp & PianoMichael O'Shiver

Rick Huyett - Bass & Vocals